The Fight of Oils: Argan vs. Coconut

We all know that Capitalism has brought us some good and bad times. With capitalism, everybody has an equal chance to strive to success. Nonetheless, with this type of freedom, everyone is making their own version of every product in the world. You have almost a hundred names and brands for soda. You have multiple creators of ketchup and you have millions and millions of stores who claim they make the best pizza in the world. So with all these choices, how can the consumer choose with less and less time?

Argan Oil Vs. Coconut Oil

In this article, we will measure two of the world’s biggest competition. Both of them claim to have health and beauty benefits but who will stand out? Which is better? What product should the consumers buy?

Let us talk about the similarities of these two products. Argan and Coconut oils are both: edible, claimed to be a great skin moisturizer, hair enhancer, and are healthy for us. There are almost no difference in their benefits aside from the fact that argan claims to make nails grow properly. So argan’s main focus are hair, skin, face, nails and nutrition. Coconut’s main focus on the other hand are hair, skin, (rarely on the face), and nutrition. But which is more powerful?

Argan has tons of unsaturated fatty acids that help pores to close in. However, it contains a lot of oleic acid. Too much intake of oleic acid can cause acne in your face so if that would be the case, recommending argan to be used in the face will give you an opposite result as to what you are expecting. Though, companies still stand by their products and continue to advertise the benefits of argan oil in having the softest face.

Though the researches regarding argan has been quite limited to it nutritional benefits, the use of argan oil as a cosmetic dated back centuries ago when it was used by the Berbers (Moroccan women) to protect their skin, hair and nail to the unpredictable waive of nature. Most of the people who have tried argan oil in their body have recommended it for receiving fantastic results.

On the way to the other side of the ring, the coconut oil has also existed hundreds of years ago. It is said to be the miracle fruit. You can drink from it. You can eat its edible parts and you can use it for different purposes, cooking, shelter, etc. When people were stranded in an island, the coconut tree is their refuge. Plus, the cosmetic results have never failed. You can see coconut oil all over shampoos. Aside from researches done to prove the nutritional benefits of coconut oil, there are also proven benefits for its cosmetic benefits. It can make the hair shinier and the skin more glowing. These are the facts that were used by moguls to create products out of the virgin coconut oil.

Whatever side you are in, argan or coconut, there are still people who do not believe in both. They refuse to use oil in their faces. Anyhow, it all boils down to what you think. Maybe you can try both and you can share your results. Which do you think is better, argan or coconut?